SoundRecon RGB LED Gaming Headset

HyperGear RGB LED Gaming Headset For Ultimate Gaming
Experience gaming like never before with the HyperGear RGB LED Gaming Headset. Immerse yourself in top-tier audio quality, thanks to custom-tuned 40mm drivers. Gain a competitive edge with 3D positional sound, while the ultra-lightweight design ensures comfort during extended play. Communicate clearly with the noise-rejection microphone, and stand out with the dynamic 7-color breathing LEDs. Elevate your gaming setup with the ultimate combination of performance and style.


HyperGear RGB LED Gaming Headset
Elevate your gaming sessions to unprecedented heights with the groundbreaking HyperGear SoundRecon RGB LED Gaming Headset. Unleash the power of immersive audio and stunning visual brilliance designed to transport you into the heart of gaming excitement. Our state-of-the-art headset boasts a range of features tailored for competitive gamers seeking an unparalleled edge.

Key Features:

  1. Custom-Tuned 40mm Drivers: Immerse yourself in a top-tier audio experience with precision-engineered 40mm neodymium drivers, delivering a rich and immersive soundscape for an unparalleled gaming encounter.
  2. 3D Positional Stereo Sound: Gain a strategic advantage with full-spectrum 3D directional audio. Detect approaching enemies before they spot you, providing a decisive upper hand in every game.
  3. Noise-Isolating Fit: Immerse yourself in uninterrupted gaming bliss with our noise-isolating fit, eliminating external distractions and keeping you focused on the action.
  4. 230g Ultra-Light Build: Experience comfort during prolonged gaming sessions with our ultra-lightweight 230g recon-weight build, specially crafted for marathon gaming without fatigue.
  5. Memory Foam Ear Cushions and Adjustable Padded Headband: Enjoy extended gaming comfort with ultra-soft memory foam ear cushions and a customizable padded headband for a personalized fit.
  6. Noise-Rejection Microphone: Ensure crystal-clear communication with our noise-rejection microphone, delivering your voice loud and clear during in-game and online chat.
  7. RGB LED Lights: Stand out in style with the mesmerizing 7-color breathing LEDs integrated into the ear cups, adding a dynamic visual dimension to your gaming setup.
  8. Versatile Connectivity: Enjoy flexible connectivity with dual 3.5mm connectors for audio and microphone, complemented by a USB connector for the LED lights.
  9. Extended 6ft Cord: Experience freedom of movement during intense gaming sessions with the extended 6ft cord.


  • Driver Size: 40mm
  • Jack Type: 3.5mm
  • Cord Length: 6ft/1.8m
  • Dimensions: 7.08 x 7.48 x 2.83 in | Weight: 8.11 oz
  • Warranty: Limited One-Year Warranty

Package Includes:

  • RGB LED Gaming Headphones
Weight 0.02835 kg
Dimensions 2.54 × 19 × 7.2 cm
Custom-Tuned 40mm Drivers

Precision-engineered 40mm neodymium drivers

3D Positional Stereo Sound

Immersive 3D directional audio for a competitive edge

Noise-Isolating Fit

Uninterrupted gaming with noise-isolating design

Ultra-Light Build (230g)

Ultra-lightweight design for extended comfort without fatigue

Memory Foam Ear Cushions and Adjustable Padded Headband

Ultra-soft memory foam for comfort; adjustable headband for a personalized fit

Noise-Rejection Microphone

Clear communication with noise-rejection microphone

RGB LED Lights

Vibrant 7-color breathing LEDs for a dynamic visual element

Versatile Connectivity

Dual 3.5mm connectors for audio and microphone; USB connector for LED lights

Extended 6ft Cord

Freedom of movement with an extended 6ft cord

Driver Size

40mm for optimal gaming audio performance

Jack Type

3.5mm for universal compatibility with standard audio jacks.

Cord Length

6ft/1.8m for convenient setup flexibility

Dimensions and Weight

7.08 x 7.48 x 2.83 in, 8.11 oz for precise product specifications


Limited One-Year Warranty for assurance of product reliability


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