Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Technology

Reduce Unwanted Background Noise

What are ANC headphones?

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) uses technology to reduce unwanted background noise. 

The system uses microphones that “listen” to sounds outside and inside the headphone.

Then, an ANC chipset inverts the soundwaves, and a speaker inside the headphone cancels the outside noise with neutralizing soundwaves — this is called “phase cancellation.” 

So, if a noise wave meets another wave that is the exact same frequency – but opposite in amplitude — the two waves cancel each other out.

As an example, taking +2 (outside noise) and adding -2 (inside noise) to make zero.

What's the difference between ANG, DSP, CVC, ENC?

ANC (Active Noise Control)
The ANC noise reduction system produces reverse sound waves equal to the outside noise, neutralizing that noise
and leaving only the clean, clear sound of music.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
The DSP noise reduction system is similar to ANC, however it detects its primary audio source and isolates it from
any unwanted noise, so that the signal is clearer. Once the audio signal is processed, it’s converted back to analog
and sent to the speakers, achieving a more enhanced quality of music than the original input.

CVC (Clear Voice Capture)
Designed primarily for phone conversations, CVC suppresses reverberation and cancels out the echo generated
during a phone call, while ANC actively blocks out background noise while you’re on a call or listening to music.

ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation)
Much like CVC, ENC technology has a precise microphone array that efficiently filters out background noise so
communication remains crystal clear, no matter which environment you are in.

Who IS ANC For?

ANC technology is ideal for all headphone users who want to catch up on their podcasts, listen to music,
make calls or simply enjoy silence by blocking out the noise around them.

What are problems that users have encountered in the past with ANC headphones?

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